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Omni-Channel Live Customer Support

The most successful organisations reached where they are largely due to their desire to stay tune to trends and work hard to meet their customer wherever they are. Whether that is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or telegram. But we know staying on top of all the enquiries from these multiple platforms can be difficult and expensive to manage. With us you can do all these under one single account managed by a team of specialists.

Solutions We Offer

Our flexible customisable Omnichannel service helps you to have all your communication sources grouped in one central location and managed by our team of expert customer service specialists. You can choose from just a couple of options to any amount your company uses.
Now you don't have to limit your conversation to one channel at a time not employ multiple staff to support your customers on multiple channels. Whether you use just a couple or lot, we are your partner of choice.
  • Quality Leads
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Contract

Our specialist live web chat agents love to chat and love nothing more than knowing the interaction has left a positive image of your brand in the mind  and heart of your website visitors. On top of that, we see every interaction as an opportunity to sell more.

That is why we train the team to specialists at the fine art of soft but effective selling. This way, by the time the conversation is over or the lead gets to you, you can be assured they are already prepped and eager to buy from you.

We understand the importance of cutting operational costs so you can offer the best products ant the cheapest possible costs to your customers. Thus when we help you win at business, your customers win too.

Furthermore, your success as a result of our partnership enables us to keep on giving life-changing employment to more people around the globe. Thus, our carefully crafted cheap prices are not just for competitive edge but rather a strategic tool to help us both achieve our respective visions.

We are very confident you will remain, once you partner with us, so we do not put any restrictive long term contract on you before you can take advantage of our great service.

You can, as a result, come and go as you please. which helps you to take our service strategically as and when you need us to help you boost your business.

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