You can find most common questions in the list below. For anything else chat to use live now or give us a quick call.

Our international recruitment and remote working strategy has enabled us to tap into a vast pool of high calibre graduates at extremely low wages. These low local wages, mostly due to the currency exchange rates and the lower cost of living, enable us to pass on a huge cost savings to you.

Simply select the most suitable package for your organisation and fill out the quick form that follows. Soon after that is submitted, a representative will get in touch to start the onboarding process.

The onboarding process invole these simple steps:
  1. We get your account and payment process set up
  2. The live web chat software is set up on your website
  3. Your dedicated account manager learns and collect all relevant information that'll help us answer customer queries effectively (this would be updated from time to time)
  4. We use the information collected to help train the customer support agents to represent your organisation more effectively.

We will send you a simple straightforward guide on how to do the installation. It only takes a few minutes to have it installed and ready to use. We recommend you use your technical team or website developer as they would know the backend best. However, our own I.T team would be available to help if you need them.

Yes! You certainly can. And we will even help train them on the use of the software if needed.

No! We understand that business priorities do change from time to time.
Thus we don't restrict you with any set contract period. Which means you are free to make as little as one month subscription at a time then leave and or rejoin whenever suites you best.
don’t hesitate to ask
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