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Full Day

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  • 10 Hours per day
  • 5 Chat at a time
  • 30 Day cycle
  • No long term contract

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24 hours per day for 30 days
£ 720
/ Per Month
  • £1 Per hour
  • All day all week
  • 5 Chats at a time
  • 30 Day cycle
  • No long term contract
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    Case Study

    Grant A Smile is a Queen's award winning people-service organisation based in the United Kingdom

    Grant a smile

    Our Solution

    We proposed two separate packages to help Grant A Smile to support all customers regardless of their country’s different time zones. As well as the ability to provide the instance responses to quick queries to motivate customers to sign up. 

    Our first proposal would have Grant A Smile‘s potential 24/7 support cost reduced from £7,200 to £1,440 per month, a huge 80% reduction. Grant A Smile opted for a 10 hour daily service for £900 per month, at only £3 per hour. Furthermore, as they took the service during one of our promotional periods, they got it at a further 50% discount, resulting in a total cost of only £450 per month (30 days cycle) at just £1.50 per hour for a whole year. A massive savings of over 80% compared to their in-house recruitment option.

    Customer Care Issue

    As a people service organisation, with the added task of operating in multiple countries, it faced a huge challenge of finding a way to offer instant support to customers needing answers to urgent queries to help them make quick decisions. They also needed to support customers from other countries with different time zones. Research findings indicated that majority of customers prefer texting to phoning. Plus, the volume of queries would be more than one person could handle on telephone.

    However, they could not afford to take money away from vital operations to fund a 24 hour in-house support operation that could amount to £240 per day and £7,200 per 30 days.

    Grant a smile

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